How to install the Excel add-in (Active Ledger & Reporting)

Active Ledger & Reporting is a fully cloud-based product and as such requires no installation. Refer to the System Requirements for compatible browser versions.


Active Ledger Add-in

This optional Excel add-in is available from Microsoft AppSource. It provides the functionality required to import data from Excel into Active Ledger, as well as functions to optimise the format of Excel reports.

Our add-in is available on Microsoft AppSource here:

System administrators can use the above link to deploy the add-in across an entire enterprise, groups or teams in Microsoft Office 365. 

Users can also install the add-in directly from within Excel. Navigate to the File tab and click Get Add-ins.

Then search for Active Ledger and click Add. 

Follow the steps to finalising the addition process and open excel. You will notice the "Active Ledger" add-in sitting within the Home tab.

The Active Ledger add-in process has now been finalised.

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