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There are a number of reports that can be run from the Journals tab to make data analysis quick and easy. 

Journal reports

The Journal Report tab allows you to run a report of journals by journal type that can be exported to Excel already formatted so it can be sent to clients with your branding. To create a report, navigate to and open the relevant dataset, click on the Journals tab and then the Journal Report tab. Choose the journal types to be displayed in the report and edit the dates if required. Click on the Run Report button. You can then export to Excel if needed by clicking the Export to Excel button.

Import runs

You are able to use import runs data to examine any changes in the source file that may have occurred between imports. To make a comparison, navigate to and open the relevant dataset, click on the Journals tab and then the Import Runs tab. From here you will see a complete list of previous imports.  

Simply click on the Compare button of the relevant dataset that you want to make the comparison with. This will display the current trial balance with that of the previous import you have selected, along with a variance column.

Note: You are also able to reinstate a previous import to be used as the current dataset by clicking on the Reinstate button in either the Import Run screen or within the comparison itself.

To investigate further, you are able to select particular journals or a range of journals to compare. To do this, first click on the Select Journals button, then simply select the relevant journals using the checkboxes and click on Run Comparison.

This will display a comparison with any variance as described above, but just for the journals selected.

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