How to edit a job

Jobs are a way to measure the activity within the Firm and to ensure Client Tasks are not overlooked. From the Job Grid (or Kanban View), you can see all the jobs for the Firm, a User, a Client or many other types of filtering that can be used.

Once the Job has been created, either by Creating a New Job for a Client/Client Group or Recurring a previous Job, work through the activities associated with the Job. These can be Deliverables and/or Tasks.

Access the Job by clicking on it from the list of Jobs. Here are some of the items you can do while editing a Job:

Change any of the information about the job from the Job Info, Employee Roles or Timeline areas.

Add or Edit Deliverables and Change the Status of the Deliverable - when a deliverable status is changed, it impacts the Status of the job - if one deliverable is changed to In Progress, the Job Status changes to In Progress also. When all Deliverables have been changed to a status at or higher than In Progress or are completed, the Job Status is changed to reflect that change.

Add or Edit Tasks

Tasks are normally added to a Job via a Task Template. You can also add individual tasks to the Job. 

To add an individual task, select the +Add button. 

You will be presented with the Add Task screen. Add the Name of the Task, the Assignee, Due Date and Items in the Automation area. When complete, press Add.

Edit a Task by Clicking on the Name of the Task. From here you can edit or Complete the Task. If the Task has been set to change the Status of the Job when completed, the Job Status will change to the Status indicated on the Task which has been completed.

Recurrence - see separate article on this topic.

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