How to change the status of a record

This article assists users in the Processing phase of Active Workpapers.

Active Workpapers have been designed to be dynamic and each record has a status attached to it to ensure accuracy and up to date information. Further, and for users of all Active Platform modules, status changes in one module flow to other modules, eliminating double handling.

If you have not yet set up your workpaper binder, see the knowledge article: How to create a workpaper binder.

Changing a record's status

As you work your way down the Index and reconcile records, you can manage the status of each record to track your progress through the job.

In Excel:

Next to each account that has a record attached to it, an icon representing the status will be present.

Note: Those with Admin rights can customise the list of statuses for the firm in the Admin Centre.

Clicking on the icon which will reveal a list of statuses that you can set the record to.

Set the status of the workpaper to the one you require.

On the web:

The status appears to the right of an account that has a record attached to it. 

Clicking on the status which will reveal a list of statuses that you can set the record to. Set the status to the one you require.

Make sure to continually update the status of each record as you progress with the job to ensure the most up to date reflection of the file at any one time.

Status syncing (for users of Active Workflow only)

Where you have created a job in Active Workflow, linked the deliverable to your binder, and initiated the Sync Job Status button, any change made to the status of the overall binder will feed back into Active Workflow.

At each of the various stages of work completion (i.e. to review, out to client, completed etc.), navigate to the Home screen of the binder.

Select the dropdown under Status and set the status appropriately.

This will also update the status of the job in Active Workflow, meaning you will not have to go back to Active Workflow and manually move the job to the relevant job stage.

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