[AU] How to link an Active Ledger & Reporting source to a binder

This article assists users in the Setup phase of Active Workpapers.

If you have not yet created your binder, see the knowledge article: How to create a binder.

Linking a source can be performed in either the Excel taskpane or the web.

Linking Active Ledger & Reporting as a source to a binder.

Navigate to the Home screen of the binder. If this is the first time you have accessed the binder you will see the option to Connect File in the Connection Details section at the top of the screen.

The following screen will open. Select Active Ledger & Reporting.

Select the Active Ledger file for the client you wish to link to your binder.

Press Connect, then Add Source.

Once connected, the Connection Details section will update to reflect what you are connected to. 

You can now add columns to the binder to bring in the relevant financial information. The financial year, based on the dates of the binder, will automatically be pre-filled for you.

Click on the Dataset dropdown and select the dataset you wish to add.

Hint: If you have not already created your datasets in Active Ledger, do this first, then return to the binder and add the datasets to each column.

Click + Add Column, which will add the comparative year to your binder. Click on the Dataset dropdown and select the dataset you wish to add.

Note: You can override the dates to create data and comparitives for any date range. This is useful for preparing monthly/quarterly reports and year to date comparisons.

Hint: You can also add a calculation column, which can either calculate a variance, percent variance or percent of sales column to compare two datasets.

Click on the + Add Column dropdown and select Add Calculation Column.

Select the Calculation Type you want to add.

Note: You can add as many columns as required. A calculation column will always calculate variance based on the two previous columns.

Once completed, scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click Save and Close or Save.

Your Active Ledger data will now be loaded into the Index screen, ready to complete your binder.

Next article: How to use the features on the Index screen.

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