How to customise/edit record statuses

This article assists admin users use the Admin Centre within Active Workpapers.

Admin users can fully customise the back end of the Active Platform to suit the style and requirements of the firm.

Records are the actual workpapers sitting within the Active Workpapers, either a standard Business Fitness workpaper record or one that a user manually creates.

Accessing the record status admin centre

Navigate to the active platform home page.

Click on your name icon and press Admin Centre.

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Click on Record Statuses under the workpapers banner. You will be taken to another webpage.

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The Active Platform ships with a standard set of record statuses as below.

Adding a new record status for use within workpapers

Click on + New Status.

Fill out record status name, for example, Cancelled. Create a new code and set an icon.

Set the system job status to the one that your new status relates most to, for example, Complete in this case.

Set the colour of the status (if desired). Click Add.

The new record status will be added to the list of record statuses available to set the record to.

Editing an existing record status for use within workpapers

From the record statuses screen inside the admin centre, select the record status you wish to edit.


Edit the particular detail you wish to change and press Save.

To delete the record status from the system, press Delete and confirm that you understand this action can not be undone. This will remove the record status from Active Workpapers.


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