How to set up users

The Users area is where you can invite users, manage licenses and user access to Business Fitness products.

Please note: Smart Workpapers, Reportance and Workflow are currently connected to this area to manage users and access to products. All Business Fitness products will be connected over the coming months. 

To add a new user, click Users under the Admin Centre > Firm section.

Click on the + New User button to start setting up a new user. 

Complete the information provided for a new user.

Register a User Account - By ticking this the user will receive an email to set up a Business Fitness Identity login. They will not have access to any products until you allocate them product licenses. If you untick this the user will not receive an email and will not be able to set up a login for Business Fitness. They will be a user for reporting purposes only and will not take up any allocated licenses. 

Security Role

UserThis is a standard user who will not have access to the admin centre or any admin settings within any Business Fitness products.
An admin will be able to access and update any settings within the admin centre. Eg. Create offices, invite users, allocate licenses, inactivate users, assign user roles
OwnerAn owner is the system administrator for the firm and will have full system admin access to all products and settings.

Offices - A user must belong to an office. Click on the add office button to select an office for this user.

Select the office from the list of offices. 

Select the security level this user has within the office. An admin will be able to add and remove users from offices. 

Tick the box if this user is a Partner or Manager within this office. 

Repeat this process if this user needs to be added to multiple offices. 

User Roles

PartnerA user who is the associated partner for the client. This user will complete the last stage review and sign off.
ManagerA user who is the associated manager for the client. This user may or may not complete initial reviews before the file is sent for final sign off.
ReviewerThis user will be the dedicated reviewer for the job and will complete initial reviews before the file is sent for final sign off (usually the same user as the manager for the client).


This area will show Business Fitness products your firm is licenses for. Tick the products this user is licensed to use. Ticking these boxes will use up one of your firms user licenses. You will receive a message letting you know if you have no licenses available. You will then need to contact Business Fitness to purchase additional licenses. 

When you license a user for a product, this user will then be available to edit via the admin areas in Smart Workpapers and Reportance. Any changes made in these products will flow to this area and vice versa. 

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