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We're excited to introduce Leadsheets, a powerful feature that enhances your Active Workpapers experience by allowing you to create custom groups of accounts. This improvement fosters better organization and provides a clearer understanding of your work. The Leadsheet view offers an intuitive and comprehensive way to visualize and manage grouped accounts, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

Enabling Lead Schedules

For New Binders:

  • While creating a new binder, during the confirmation step, indicate your preference to use 'Lead Schedules.'

For Existing Binders:

  • Click on 'Settings & Tools.'
  • Under 'Binder Details,' select the 'Lead Schedules' option to enable it for the existing binder.

Allocating Lead Schedules to Accounts

  • After enabling 'Lead Schedules' on the binder level, navigate to the 'Accounts' screen.
  • Right-click and create a custom header.

  • Enter details such as 'Account Name' and tick the 'Lead Schedules' checkbox.

  • Arrange accounts under respective Lead Schedule headers by dragging and dropping.

Viewing Trial Balance in Lead Schedules Format

  • Navigate to the Trial Balance screen in Index.
  • Click on the Lead Schedules icon to view the Trial Balance in Leadsheet format.

Adding a Lead Schedule Record to a Lead Schedule Item

  • Click the add button against any record.

  • Select the 'Lead Schedule' option.


What's Coming Up Next?

We have exciting plans to add standard Lead Schedule templates in the future. This enhancement will allow you to select templates at the binder level, eliminating the need for manual creation and allocation.

Stay tuned for these upcoming improvements to enhance your Active Workpapers experience further!

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