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A source is where the financial information is being imported from into Active Ledger (e.g. MYOB, Xero). To access an entity's existing sources select Source from the File Settings dropdown on the right-hand side of any screen inside the entity file. 

Adding a new source

There are two ways to add a new Source:

1. A Source can be added by clicking the + New Source button from the Sources screen (accessed from the File Settings menu shown above).

2. A source can also be added when creating a dataset. Click on Add New Source from the dropdown menu in the Source field in the Dataset information screen as shown below: 

From either method a dialogue screen will open up to allow you to select the following types of files:

ExcelThis type of dataset is used when a direct connection is not available. The required fields are Account Name, Debit and Credit.
See Dataset - Manage Sources - Excel Connection and Excel Data Import
Active LedgerCan be used to import a dataset from another Active Ledger client group and/or entity. This is great when creating a consolidation of many entities. Each entity can be imported as a dataset.
See Dataset - Manage Sources - Active Ledger Connection
MYOB AccountRight LiveCreates a Livestream of data from MYOB Account Right
See Dataset - Manage Sources - MYOB AccountRight Live Connection
MYOB EssentialsCreates a Livestream of data from MYOB Essentials
Dataset - Manage Sources - MYOB Essentials Connection
XeroCreates a Livestream of data from Xero
Dataset - Manage Sources - Xero Connection
Quickbooks OnlineCreates a Livestream of data from Quickbooks Online
Dataset - Manage Sources - QuickBooks Online Connection

Editing and deleting a source

To edit or delete a source access the current data sources by navigating to Sources from the File Settings dropdown on the right-hand side of any screen inside the entity file.

This will display a list of currently available sources. To edit or delete a source click on the source and a dialogue will open up. From this screen, a new file (of the same source) can be added or the account can be switched. The data source Name can also be changed. An option to delete the source is available on the bottom right.

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