Reporting - global report settings

Article Objective: To assist admin users in navigating the Admin Centre within Active Ledger & Reporting to customise the firms global report settings.

Context: The global report settings dictate the location and format of the general accounting policies in a report.  

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article.           


Accessing the Admin Centre 

Navigate to the Active Platform home page.

Click on your name icon and press Admin Centre.


Click on Ledger & Reporting Admin. 

Click on Global Report Settings   

Editing report settings

Once you have selected 'Global Report Settings', the below screen will appear. From here you can edit the swinging behaviour, policy layout and other formatting matters.

Swinging behaviour

This determines how accounts which are configured to swing should behave when their balances are negative. Options, when accounts swing between DR and CR, are:

  • Keep Balances Together With Primary Column
  • Keep Balances Together
  • Separate
  • Disable

Default policy layout

This automatically sets to default which means the policy layout will be as follows. 

For information on how to create and edit policy layouts, see the administrative guide: Reporting - notes.

'Show Notes Table headers in the Page Header' checkbox

If this checkbox is selected, where all the tables in the Notes to the Financial Statements have the same headers, the headers will appear at the top of each page starting from the first policy after the accounting policies note.   

'Disable Editing in Report Preview' checkbox

This is an effective tool to prevent users from making any changes directly in the report preview as any changes made in this screen will not be saved after the window is closed. Instead, users must edit the template before generating the report to ensure changes are saved for future use.

Reverting to system default

At any stage, you can revert back to the original system settings by clicking on the Revert to System Defaults button in the lower right of the screen.

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