How to add your own worksheet to a binder

This article assists users in the Processing phase of Active Workpapers.

Where standard Business Fitness workpapers/templates are insufficient to complete your job, you can create your own worksheets or use standard firm workpapers where required.

If you have not yet setup your workpaper binder, see Knowledge Article: How to create and access a workpaper binder.

Creating your own worksheet

Once you have created a binder and linked standard workpapers to the accounts in your Trial Balance where possible, you can create your own worksheets to reconcile other balances. Go to your workpapers Index screen.

This example will use Accrued Expenses to illustrate how a non-standard workpaper can be created to reconcile a balance in Active Workpapers.

Click the + to add new sheet inside your excel workpapers.

Hint: You can bring standard firm worksheets into your workpapers by using the move or copy function in excel.



The following screen will open. Rename Sheet 1 ‘Accrued Expenses’.

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Complete your workpaper, and reconcile it to the balance in the Trial Balance.

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Make the total Accrued Expenses balance a reconciliation field by clicking in the Active Workpapers add-in and pressing Add Reconciliation Field.

Name the reconciliation field Accrued Expenses in the takspane. Click Save.

Now that your reconciliation field has been added, click on the + button to the right of the Accrued Expenses line.

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Click Link to Existing Worksheet.

Click on Accrued Expenses.

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Set the reconciliation field to be Accrued Expenses. Press Save.

Your worksheet will now be linked to the Accrued Expenses liability line, and it will show a green tick to indicate that the balance per the workpaper agrees to the balance as per the General Ledger.

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Complete the above process for all accounts requiring non-standard worksheets when reconciling their balances.


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