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You are able to view both direct and indirect cashflow statements in the Datasets screen without having to generate a report. This enables you to make any cashflow adjustments in the journals area (see the knowledge article: Datasets - Journals).

To view the cashflow statement, navigate to the Balances tab in the Datasets screen and click on the Cashflow tab. From here you can select the Cashflow Statement Type (direct or indirect) from the dropdown menu, and change the dates if required. Click Run Report

The fields can be expanded to show or hide the detail of the amounts making up each of the line items by using the arrows next to the titles. Any adjustments made by cashflow journals (see the knowledge article: Datasets - Journals) will also be reflected here.

It is also possible to see a specific breakdown of the amounts making up operating activities by clicking on the Reconciliation to Operating Activities tab.

Changing categories for cashflow items

If you find that an account is not allocated to the correct cashflow category, you can edit the account to manually override the default. Go to the Accounts screen and click on the edit (pencil) icon of the relevant account (for more information on editing accounts, see the 'Account Options' section of the knowledge article: Accounts). From the dialogue, you can change the category from the Cashflow Category dropdown. This will reallocate the account to the selected position.

For more information on how the Cashflow Statement is compiled and how it can be modified, please watch the following training video:

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