How to export a binder


You can now easily export completed binders and all associated supporting documentation into a PDF zip file. This article guides you through finding the 'Export' button and the steps to export.

Where can I find the export button?

Option 1: Under 'Settings & Tools' in Index 

Option 2: QA Centre:

How do I export a binder?

1. Go to the binder that you would like to export. Select the Export option from 'Settings & Tools' or the 'QA Centre.'

2.  Specify parameters like 'include supporting documents' and 'include Excel worksheets in PDF'. Initiate Export by clicking the 'Export' button.

Once the export is initialised, you will see the 'in progress' message.

4. Once the processing is completed, click on the 'Download' button to download the ZIP folder.

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