How to troubleshoot Active add-in initialisation errors


Users may encounter an initialising error within the Active Workpapers add-in as follows:

Error: 'ADD-IN ERROR' This add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click 'Restart' to try again. 



This may be caused by various environmental issues.


1. Remove and re-install the Active add-in:

To do this, open Excel, click on 'File,' then select 'Get Add-ins,' followed by 'MY ADD-INS.' Next, press the three dots next to any active add-ins and choose 'remove'.


Next, click on the 'Store' tab, then search for the 'Active Workpapers Add-in' using the search bar, and proceed to install it.

If your add-in is listed under 'ADMIN MANAGED,' please reach out to your internal IT to remove and reload the add-in for you.

2. Re-install the Edge Webview2 (which is responsible for initialising the add-in):

Visit the following website:

Scroll down and select the following settings:



Press download under the fixed version section. Once downloaded please install and test the add-in again by opening up a binder.

3. Compatibility

If the issue persists, please ensure you have an updated and supported version of Office and meet the system requirements on this page: System Requirements

If the problem continues, please log a support ticket.

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